On 24 March 2013

The Hannah Elizabeth

We just had a chance to see a special presentation by the Texas Marine Archaeologist in Galveston, TX featuring recoveries from the wreck of the Hannah Elizabeth (1835), a schooner that was on a gun trafficking mission. During the Texan Revolution (the conflict between the Texan colonists and Mexico for Texan independence) she was heading from New Orleans to Texas to supply the Texan Army. She was pursued by a Mexican warship and became stuck on a sandbar. Much of the contraband cargo was thrown overboard by the worried crew. The Mexican warship opened fire on their beached target, and eventually boarded her, but abandoned her and retreated when bad weather forced them to move their own vessel to safety. Though Texan forces reached the Hannah Elizabeth after the retreat, the ship rolled, broke apart and sank. In the picture above you can see elements of one of the recovered flintlock muskets, next to a replica for reference.

Among the cargo were cannons, cannonballs, bar-shot, and muskets. Some of the muskets were British, and had been collected following the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. The bayonet below is British.


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